Proud to be a Gardian

I mentioned to another teammate yesterday, “Crisis can do one of two things – either divide people or bring them together. It is up to us to choose which path we want to walk.”

I know this to be true from personal experience. I can’t say my personal journey has not been without some very rocky spots, or having to push myself to keep climbing the sand dunes when I feel exhausted and ask myself, “what’s the point”?

The point is that without purpose, things can quickly become meaningless. If you’re like me, you know the feeling. It can take you down a deep rabbit hole.

I’ve learned a lot about perspective. I’ve learned a lot about having a attitude of gratitude. I’ve learned that I cannot control every situation or force it to work out how I would do it. I’ve learned that most people want to succeed, and I should trust that and be okay with it. Please do not mistake this as not being caring, being lazy, being content or coasting. I’ve done all those things and I find they never work. What does work is being part of a team, all pulling in the same direction and using the individual talents we’ve all been blessed with. You may think this email corny, old fashioned or lame, but golly-gee I believe it. If I didn’t care, I would not have bothered to send this encouragement. I want it to work here. Now.

The subject line of “Wow” is me observing these different talents in action during this crisis this week. We do have a choice which path we want to work, what side of the bed we get out of, and I am personally impressed with the choices the Gardians have made this week. Great choices! Thank you all.

I’ve also learned to not be too long-winded. It’s tough for me, but I’m working on it. I will simply end with a prayer that the entire Duo-Gard family remains healthy, and that we continue to come closer together as we ride out this storm. My sincere best to all.