Daylight Modeling AIA CES Course

Integrating New Technologies for High-Performance Daylight Modeling

Course Description
Today’s daylighting techniques have completely changed commercial building. Not only does daylighting decrease reliance on artificial light and lower utility bills, but natural daylight helps people feel more focused and energized. Participants will discover the aesthetic beauty of new daylighting technology along with its energy saving and building occupant advantages.

Learning Unit:  1aia logo
Credit Designations:   LUHSW
Course Format:  Instructor-led face-to-face
Contact Us:  734.207.9700

Learning Objective 1: Use advances in materials and approaches for designing an energy and cost-effective building using daylighting

Learning Objective 2: Recognize the relationship between a building and the environment around it.

Learning Objective 3: Describe how a building owner can benefit from integrating efficiency, aesthetics, and economy through daylighting.

Learning Objective 4: How to eliminate costly factors such as solar heat gain and glare using daylighting.

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