Specialty Structure Spotlights Duo-Gard’s Steel Capabilities

Recently, a Midwest electronics company wanted to provide employees with a custom covered patio that combined a break area with a separated smoking shelter. The spans involved required steel. Duo-Gard’s in-house engineering and steel fabrication capabilities produced this unusual structure that was not only structurally superior but also cost effective.

“Although most in-house steel fabrication facilities can handle standard projects, our customized approach to standard construction methods enables us to create outcomes that fit each project’s exact needs, including budgeting concerns,” says Michael Arvidson, executive vice president.

The patio is 46 ½’ x 42’ x 10’. A 3” flat-pan steel roof of 24-gauge Galvalume in 12” wide panels is supported by nine 6” x 6” steel columns with 4 ”x 8” steel rafter beams with a decorative bevel on each end. Topping this are 4”x 6” steel purlin beams. All this is coated with three layers of Tnemec paint in white, including a high-performance zinc base.

Setting the smoking space apart – half the total area – on three sides is a 4’ wall of clear acrylic glazing in aluminum framing. Gutters and downspouts are also aluminum.

Arvidson says there comes a point when aluminum is not always the most cost-effective material, especially when large spans are involved. Duo-Gard’s design and engineering experts work with customers to identify the best structural solutions, and we’re able to provide stamped drawings when required.

We provide columns, rafters, horizontal supports, purlins and skins, plus foundations by specific request. Our structural designs meet the loading requirements for each location.

We know the importance of superior finishes that last. “After 32 years of working with various metals and evaluating many types of paint, we know rust can sometimes travel under the paint, ruining the finish. So we can recommend a wide variety of high-performance coatings with proven longevity,” Arvidson says.

Having an in-house steel fabrication facility enables Duo-Gard to serve customers by controlling quality and cost.