Translucent Panels | Daylighting Retrofit

Ten years from now, the vast majority of existing buildings will still be in place, according to researchers at the Rocky Mountain Institute. So what? So much of that building stock is already trying to cope with dilapidated, degrading daylighting systems that are wasting energy and worker productivity.

And many of the building owners don’t even realize they need daylighting renovation. They don’t know that there are retrofit solutions that integrate strategies, systems and advanced technologies available today. These specialized solutions can encompass a full range of energy efficiency, aesthetics, economy and occupant productivity.

To make the most of these solutions requires experience and expertise. Duo-Gard was founded in 1984 to address the need for daylighting retrofit in commercial and industrial buildings. We’ve built a company that brings continuing innovation to the process with design, engineering, fabrication and installation. To complement this, last year we began a collaboration with SpecPro, a Nebraska-based firm with 65 years of experience, as our National Retrofit Distributor.

Together we provide consultation, inspection, forensic analysis, maintenance, repair and replacement of existing systems to today’s dynamic retrofit market.

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