Turn the Key to Success with Duo-Gard’s Capabilities

What would Duo-Gard’s total turnkey capabilities mean for your project? How about expert design/engineering/fabrication/installation for all types of applications in vertical glazings, skylights, canopies, shelters, outdoor structures and more?

“These capabilities spell relief for the architect, designer, contractor and owner,” says Mike Merritt, operations manager/structural engineer. “Duo-Gard is not simply a supplier, but a true collaborator ensuring your project’s success.”

While this turnkey approach provides reassurance for customers, it provides opportunities for the Duo-Gard team – opportunities to integrate our services to create solutions that provide not just the right answer but the best answer to a project’s challenges. And that goes all the way through installation, a service that sometimes gets overshadowed. Not at Duo-Gard.

“Many of our competitors don’t offer installation services,” says Chris Zamborowski, installations manager. “When our customers want turnkey, they get 100% from Duo-Gard.”

The company’s installation services are available across the country. “We work with Duo-Gard certified installers, specifically trained for our systems and materials. Our core installation team has worked with us for many years. They’re familiar with the intricacies and details of what makes our translucent polycarbonate glazing systems and in-house steel fabrications stand apart,” says Merritt.

According to Mike Bishop, project manager- architectural services, this makes all the difference. To someone who hasn’t worked with our systems and materials, it may look easy, but Bishop says it’s not as easy as it looks on paper. Dealing with complex angles, proper pitch and drainage requires training and experience.

Duo-Gard installers travel nationally, dealing with state licensing and city requirements as well as special licensing for specific locations. They’re concerned with efficiency and accuracy, as well as troubleshooting when necessary.

“In addition to our long-term core team, we maintain strong relationships with a national network of installers who have been proven to go the extra mile for our customers,” points out Zamborowski. “Good installation leaves a good taste with the customer.”

Certainly a good project starts with a good design, but it ends with good installation. “Installation is the realization of the designer’s dream,” says Merritt.

Duo-Gard’s installation teams work hard to ensure that dream comes true.

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