Duo-Gard’s Sleekline Canopy System Awarded Patent

Duo-Gard Industries has been awarded a U.S. patent for its Sleekline Translucent Monolithic Canopy System. Introduced in mid-2015, the Sleekline system provides architectural advantages in high performance plus design flexibility and exceptional affordability for a wide range of applications.

“Sleekline installations around the country prove its acceptance from the design community, and the awarding of this patent confirms Duo-Gard’s efforts in research and development,” said David Miller, president.

Sleekline integrates translucent monolithic polycarbonate glazing panels in aluminum structural framing. The framing is designed with Duo-Gard’s invention of an innovative attachment system that locks the edges of the panels and allows mounting on a broader range of substrate materials, sizes and profiles. The ability to use center mounting – unique in the industry – ensures higher strength and performance for the low-profile system, as well as more diversity in applications.

“One advantage is the significant reduction in installation time,” Miller said. “It cuts in half the time needed to mount the channels to the structure.” Typically, Sleekline carries a cost 35% to 50% lower than glass systems and enjoys 50% lower weight along with great

er design diversity, he added.

“From an engineering standpoint, the main advantage and the basis for the patent is the panel engagement into the structural framing system, which provides more capacity to resist much higher downward and upward forces with lighter gauge glazing materials,” said Frank Kosciolek, operations manager.

Glazing panels in continuous lengths up to 24’ require no panel breaks. When panel breaks are required, a lap joint is used to maintain proper performance. The free-flow panel ends have no channels that block water movement, enabling designers to create canopies with a minimum slope of 1:12 without concerns about water management. The aluminum structural system can be engineered to meet extreme loading and climatic requirements.

Sleekline is also a primary application for Duo-Gard’s new Fusion line, which features 3form polycarbonate glazing panels. Fusion is the result of recent collaboration between Duo-Gard and 3form, expanding the design possibilities for both industry leaders.

“With Sleekline and Fusion, architects and designers have unprecedented opportunities in performance, aesthetics and economy,” Miller said, adding that Duo-Gard is committed to ongoing research and development for both products.

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