Architectural Record agrees with your assessment!

When the collaboration of Duo-Gard and 3form that produced our new Fusion system was announced last Fall, we were thrilled at the reception it received from architects and designers. Now we’re proud to tell you Fusion has received a Record Products 2017 Award from  Architectural Record magazine.

Included in the December 2017 issue, this award in the Best Façade Products category recognizes the top new products in cladding, moisture barriers, roofing and glazing. Fusion integrates 3form translucent polycarbonate glazing panels with Duo-Gard’s high-performance structural framing systems, expanding applications for canopies, curtain walls, architectural accents, bike and bus shelters as well as endless specialties.

Combining three design priorities including performance, aesthetics and economy, Fusion offers a choice of 102 colors, three finishes and three thicknesses.

All marketed by Duo-Gard in a turnkey package built around your design.

“After meeting with many of you at Greenbuild and AIA, we knew the design community was eager for a solution that addressed the need for flexibility and cost-effective customization as well as high performance,” said David Miller, president of Duo-Gard. “Fusion provides all three in an unprecedented translucent system.”

Miller said Duo-Gard and 3form are currently in R & D for new applications which will be announced soon.  

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