Achieve 360° – A Full Design and Fabrication Resource

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Well-orchestrated and successful projects share a common hallmark. They are marked by accurate planning and coordination; deep experience and knowledge; diverse source materials; and an obsession for quality and results.

Achieve 360° is a proprietary, full-circle design and fabrication resource from Duo-Gard. We take a holistic approach to ensure that each client receives the highest level of service to create their vision. This approach showcases our unmatched ingenuity and flexibility. Think of Achieve 360° as a pathway to a real-time performance meter and project compass to meet your project goals.

The pathway guides stakeholders toward vision achievement through three stages, each with specific gates. As the project progresses along the pathway you experience increased levels of confidence and assurance. The pathway consists of three aspects: Attainment, for perspective and visioning, Alignment, for establishing scope and specifications, and Activation, for engineering, fabrication, and installation.

We offer a turnkey package of services and introduce you to options that enhance project performance and control cost. We use materials that can be married with other technologies, that optimize without sacrificing aesthetics or performance. We also produce renderings, specifications, and engineering standards. Our team will also provide a project budget that includes installation, so you can consider all cost factors.

“Achieve 360° is the result of 39 years of experience working with architects and members of the construction industry. Our A360° service package is designed to optimize the use of materials; always using the best technologies for top performance and to identify accurate project budgets. We accomplish this because we perform services from design to installation. Product applications often miss the mark because material providers attempt to pigeonhole technologies. Budgets miss the mark because multiple manufacturers and contractors are required to complete work with larger scopes. We have combined all of that into a single source which greatly simplifies the process and results in the best possible product and technology combinations. “Duo-Gard’s President David Miller

With Duo-Gard, you have a flexible project partner and a single source to achieve your vision. Let’s collaborate- Together by Design.

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