Duo-Gard’s New Secured and Enclosed Pinnacle Bike Shelter

Duo Guard 125

Our latest bike shelter was custom designed for Harvard and is secured and enclosed. Duo-Gard worked extensively with the Harvard team to produce the perfect shelter based on site conditions, collaboration with the structural team, and to fit the overall aesthetic. This shelter fits seamlessly with the neighboring buildings and campus landscape. It features 9/16” tempered and laminated safety glass walls with flat polished edges and brushed stainless steel standoff connections. The roof is 20mm standing seam polycarbonate in opal, one of our three standard colors. The shelter’s steel structure is professionally welded by our AISC Certified fabricators with a three-coat heavy duty Tnemec finish. We specifically engineered the 90’ long structure to include the max capacity of bike parking, fitting 106 dual-height racks with 20” spacing on each side, for a total of 424 bicycles. The success of this project inspired our team to offer this design as a standard shelter option called our Pinnacle Bike Shelter.

This project is a perfect example of Achieve 360° Duo-Gard’s proprietary full-circle design through installation resource. We take a holistic approach to ensure that each client receives the highest level of service to create their vision. This approach showcases our unmatched ingenuity and flexibility. Think of Achieve 360° as a pathway to a real-time performance meter and project compass to meet your project goals.

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