Bike Repair Stations So Popular Duo-Gard Expands Line

DuoGard Bike Repair Station in use

You’ve provided the best accommodation for your biking community. Enclosed bike shelters, interior or exterior. Upgraded security, lighting, lockers and more. Accessible locations. What more could your bikers want?

They want the best in maintenance equipment to keep their machines – plain or fancy – in top wheeling condition. That means Bike Repair Stations from Duo-Gard. Whether it’s changing a tire, checking the pressure, fixing a chain or any one of the myriad mishaps bikers face on every outing, they want to know a fast fix is close at hand.

That’s why Duo-Gard has expanded its line of repair stations to include 4 new models, bringing our total to 5. The repair station is one of Duo-Gard’s most popular products. Typically, we stock 2 models in 2 colors, allowing for a one-week lead time. And Duo-Gard’s pricing ranks among the industry’s best in cost effectiveness.

Our models serve a wide range of situations. “Anyone accommodating 20 to 30 bikes faces the challenge of serving riders’ needs for maintenance and repair,” said Sean McKnight, bike infrastructure coordinator. “We provide guidance to help customers choose the most effective repair stations for their location.”

Depending on the customer’s needs, there are repair stations equipped with amenities ranging from basic tools in an open setting to high-security locked stations with sophisticated tools such as foot pumps and water lines:

  • Municipalities which cater to everyday riders who need to air up their tires in an accessible area.
  • Store owners whose customers are quickly in and out of the shop.
  • Apartments and mixed-use locations with internal bike rooms geared to attract tenants.
  • Colleges and universities employing enclosed areas with high security.

“Vandalism and theft of tools are obvious concerns, and we have repair station models that effectively address these issues in both public and private situations,” McKnight said, adding that replacements parts for the stations are available as needed.

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Duo-Gard has a range of bike repair and pump stations that are suitable for end-of-journey facilities, bicycle paths or any location where cyclists gather. 

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