Duo-Gard Develops Custom Bike Shelter for University

“The world is better with bikes” proclaims the website of Wisconsin’s Trek Bicycle Corporation, a global leader in design and manufacturing. More Americans agree today than ever before. The Coronavirus pandemic has sent bicycle sales soaring. In many U.S. states, bike shops are considered essential businesses, allowed to stay open during the shutdowns.

An alternative for exercise, commuting, recreation and sustainability, biking hits all the hot buttons. While there’s not yet a cure for the virus, biking provides one for those suffering from cabin fever.

And Duo-Gard provides increasing innovations in parking and storing today’s sophisticated and expensive machines.

One example is Duo-Gard’s bike shelter pictured. Designed, engineered and manufactured for a prominent eastern university, the shelter is located near a residence hall. It incorporates many high-performance features critical to customers today.

Among these are efficient space utilization, sophisticated security, contemporary aesthetics and long-term durability.

At 63 feet by 26 feet, the shelter holds two rows of dual-height articulating bike racks. Each of the 76 racks accommodates two bikes for a total of 152, making the most of available space. The upper level of racks utilize a gas-strut assist in loading and unloading the bikes.

The shelter is secured with card-swipe access, and one card gives students admittance to all their residence doors as well. A recessed lighting system enhances security, and motion sensors add another safeguard.

In keeping with the university’s aesthetic guidelines, the shelter is styled with sleek, contemporary lines and a single-slope, translucent multiwall polycarbonate roof with an opal tint. This provides a high degree of diffused daylighting while minimizing heat and glare. Walls are perforated stainless steel mesh. Framing structure is steel in dark bronze.

Duo-Gard’s bike shelters are engineered to meet or exceed a 25-year lifespan with minimal maintenance required.

This is the second bike shelter Duo-Gard has collaborated on for the university.

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