Bike Security Advances with Duo-Gard’s Secura-Gard App

Bicycle facility owners, operators and users have an advanced approach to security and convenience with the new Secura-Gard System app announced by Duo-Gard Industries.

The company’s Secura-Gard System is a turn-key approach to easily and effectively implementing secured electronic access plus data monitoring and collection for bike facilities with the full range of applications, including bike shelters, bike rooms and bike lockers. This

  Bluetooth-activated cell phone system can be hard-wired, solar-powered or battery-operated, depending on the requirements of the specific project location.

The system enables clients to customize payment programs, ranging from single use to yearly rentals. It also allows them to monitor occupancy and frequency of use. Secura-Gard System gives Duo-Gard the competitive advantage of not requiring bikers to use a card swipe – it’s all done by cell phone app. Clients who don’t have an existing security system can now provide a secured bike parking location with monitored electronic access as an all-in-one package. And system administrators can easily add or remove users and adjust peak hour rentals at a higher cost.

“Our new Secura-Gard System encompasses all the benefits clients and users have been looking for,” said Sean McKnight, bicycle infrastructure coordinator. “Secured parking and storage is the main concern in today’s dynamic biking environment. Our Secura-Gard app addresses all the factors and provides an innovative yet cost-effective solution using the latest technology.”

As a leader in bike parking and storage systems and strategies, Duo-Gard Industries received a Top 10 Product for 2016 award by BuildingGreen, an independent information source for the industry.

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