Bike Storage? Park Your Concerns with Duo-Gard’s Plan – It’s Free!

Are you uncertain about how to achieve the most effective bike parking and storage for your tenants, employees or students? You’re not alone. As the biking industry continues to grow, so do the laws, guidelines, requirements and expectations involved. It gets confusing.

Despite today’s wealth of information and insight, there’s still a major misconception about lumping bike parking and storage into a single category. In fact, every situation is different and requires an approach tailored specifically, says Duo-Gard’s Sean McKnight, bike infrastructure coordinator.

That’s why Duo-Gard offers a comprehensive approach involving more than 250 products and services from bike shelters both custom and standard for exterior and interior installation to a vast range of accessories such as repair stations. It all starts with a plan.

Clients tell us one of the most valuable aspects is our complimentary bike space planning. “Right from the start,” says McKnight, “we can help clients make sure they’re approaching this from all the critical angles. There’s much more to this than simply screwing down a bike rack. We work with APBP guidelines, local laws and client expectations.”

So many issues come into play, he points out, especially in long-term parking situations. “The main variable is the level of protection needed,” he says. “Do you need completely secured shelters accessible only via key-card swipe or keyed entry access? Do you want to utilize interior space as a bike room behind a locked door which allows only residents to enter?”

Questions and considerations abound. And they’ll only get more complicated as biking continues to grow. For example, from 2000 to 2013, bike commuting rates in bike-friendly communities increased 105%, far above the national increase of 62%, according to the League of American Bicyclists in Washington DC.

The increasing interest in biking presents many challenges for those faced with accommodating this interest, whether they’re in the corporate, educational or commercial arena.

“The biggest challenge facing people when approaching bike storage is understanding the spacing needed for rack functionality,” says McKnight. “We understand that customers want to utilize their space as efficiently as possible. This is one crucial reason we offer complimentary planning services. Bike parking is something we work with day in and day out, while for many of our customers, bicycle parking layouts are something they’ve never considered or researched.

“Our complimentary planning services go a long way toward relieving the pressure to achieve results in the most effective way possible. We show our clients the possibilities available, then custom fit the best products for their specific needs. The clients in turn can rest assured they are providing the most functional bicycle parking space for the growing number of riders who depend on them.”

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