Transit shelter? Bike repair station? Why not two in one?

Public transportation is popular in the Michigan city where the pictured shelter is located. This passenger waiting station is one of several engineered and installed by Duo-Gard. It’s a multi-purpose custom structure, a collaboration of an architectural design with special engineered elements by Duo-Gard’s team, that’s situated near a multi-use facility that combines retail and residential.

Multi-purpose custom structure? Actually, the 9’x18’ waiting shelter contains a 5’ high inset that houses a bike repair station. This complements a bank of bike lockers for long-term storage from Duo-Gard.

The shelter’s owners wanted to stress sustainability, along with encouraging public and alternative transportation. The custom green roof is planted with low-maintenance sedum tiles and contains solar panels which facilitate energy-efficient lighting. Duo-Gard engineers wanted to ensure that the sedum tiles remained in place and devised custom roof rafters with special angle irons to the clamp down the plants on the sloped roof. A concrete bench for seating wraps around steel supporting columns.

Making it easy to make basic bike repairs, the inset structure contains tools, a pressure gauge and an air pump. The repair station is just one of the company’s 250-plus biking amenities.

“This custom shelter combo illustrates how we can integrate sustainability and convenience while remaining cost effective and meeting the customer’s goals,” says Mike Arvidson, Duo-Gard’s executive vice president.

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