Duo-Gard Appoints New Rep Agency

Duo-Gard has appointed Architectural Design Solutions LLC as its rep agency for Ohio, West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania. The new agency, located in Monclova, Ohio, will market Duo-Gard’s comprehensive line of canopies and walkways, skylights and translucent daylighting systems.

“Duo-Gard’s unique niche for bringing color and style to elements like canopies and translucent daylighting systems will draw people in. Their products complement our other lines with innovations that make a building pop,” said owner and third-generation glazier Matt Rinkowski.

He said his agency’s primary focus will be on higher education, healthcare and air transportation markets.

“Matt is motivated, talented and experienced,” said Shawn Mahoney, Duo-Gard’s architectural sales manager. “He’ll be a great asset. We’ve collaborated on several projects that prove how well Architectural Design Solutions will help expand our markets and complement our efforts.”

Are you designing a canopy or walkway and looking for a new perspective? Do you want to make the most of a translucent daylighting application? Contact Matt at 419-261-2409 or matt@architecturalds.com to discuss the possibilities.

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