Duo-Gard’s New Bike Shelters Create Compact Storage in Small Spaces

The Razor and the Shed are the two newest additions to Duo-Gard’s extensive selection of bike shelters. As biking becomes a growing means of transportation, Duo-Gard’s new shelters address the problem of space. These shelters offer a modular design which allows them to fit into tight spaces without breaking the budget.

“We often see requirements for small compact shelters needed to fit into existing sites, and the cost for customizations can often create a sore spot for the project budget. These shelters are designed to be customizable without adding the customization costs,” said Sean McKnight, bicycle infrastructure coordinator.

Standard sizes start at 8.5’ x 6’ and go up by increments of 3’, but can be customized to fit any specific size needed.

Duo-Gard offers a variety of racks to achieve a diverse range of parking options. These options include vertical bicycle parking, horizontal bicycle parking, or two-tiered storage options which maximize bicycle density within the shelter.

The Shed model is engineered to accommodate the use of steel or aluminum, depending on the shelter size and geographic loading. Our Razor model bears a two post design, requiring a steel only approach. The cantilevered roof makes the Razor design the more aesthetic option of the two.

These shelters are painted in a three-part Tnemec epoxy paint finish including: a zinc primer undercoat for maximum rust prevention, a color epoxy paint mid-coat, and clear top coat for paint finish protection. We also offer the shelters in a galvanized finish which creates a rough industrial looking aesthetic common in today’s modern design climate.

There are also a number of material options for the single-slope roof, including twin-wall translucent polycarbonate in clear, opal, bronze, green, blue, or a Kynar painted standing-seam roof including 24 standard color offerings. Additionally, we offer a corrugated roof option in a galvanized or painted finish which is designed to be a more cost-effective approach for projects with tight budget restraints.

“We offer complimentary planning services to ensure that our customers fully understand bicycle parking options. We also provide a full package solution to our customers from planning to manufacturing, all the way through installation of our products,” said Sean McKnight.

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