Duo-Gard’s Parkland Series Bike Racks Provide Cost Effectiveness and Longevity

Duo-Gard’s new Parkland Series bike racks provide customers with greater savings over a longer life. The series includes the Small rack, Oval rack, P rack, Lock rack, Poolside rack, and Sector rack.

These racks are constructed from 316L stainless steel, which ensures longevity with little maintenance, protecting against weathering, vandalism and other elements outdoor bicycle site amenities endure. The higher quality of steel is especially important in coastal areas and areas that use salt for snow removal, because they’re highly susceptible to tea staining.

The Parkland Series bike racks are ideal for all high-end architectural applications and locations, as well as day-to-day high density parking. Current cost effectiveness of the 316L stainless steel racks adds to the appeal. “Customers are always surprised at today’s economical initial pricing,” said Sean McKnight, bicycle infrastructure coordinator.

The 316L stainless steel lasts significantly longer than the 304 stainless material typically used,  resulting in greater cost savings in a ten-year period when 316L stainless steel is used.

“This is a real solution for two looming industry issues: longevity and cost savings, two things that do not always go hand in hand, but in this specific case, spending a reasonable amount of money upfront will save you future replacement and maintenance costs,” said McKnight.

He added that there’s a need for education in the industry: “Once municipalities are aware of the longevity and cost savings provided by these products, we believe they’ll be more inclined to consider the advantages of 316L stainless steel as a standard for bike racks.”

These bike racks were designed with an aesthetic style in mind which will cohesively fit into any environment. “The design of these racks is meant to offer a modern and industrial approach to bike parking with stylish designs enhanced by the smooth stainless steel finish,” said McKnight.

Each rack is available for surface-mounted or below-grade applications.

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