New Matte Finish Panels Expand Duo-Gard’s Translucent Wall Series

Introduction of matte finish polycarbonate glazing panels in Duo-Gard’s Series 3500 Translucent Wall System gives architects and designers an exciting new aesthetic option.

High performance and versatile aesthetics form the perfect complement in the Series 3500. “These new panels enhance the crucial role aesthetics play in design,” says David Miller, president. “The matte finish panels pick up ambient color and take on light. They don’t reflect, they absorb, providing diffused colorization on the outside wall,” he says. “We underestimate the design aspect of this polycarbonate that allows it to change color throughout the day, depending on its surroundings.”

Available in 40mm and 50mmm, the tongue-and-groove matte finish panels feature lengths up to 50 feet and spans up to 6 feet for seamless visual aesthetics with no mullions. Series 3500 enables architects and designers to expand spans and reduce structural girts with Duo-Gard’s proprietary aluminum structural grid.  

Applications include interior and exterior walls and architectural accents. Options offer diverse light flow choices and visibility levels. The matte finish enhances light diffusion and projects it deeper into interior spaces.

Like all Duo-Gard’s translucent daylighting options, the Series 3500 Translucent Wall System enhances sustainability and contributes toward LEED points.

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