Cambridge Model

Duo-Gard’s Cambridge Bike Shelter is a secured, enclosed shelter. It features walls available in perforated metal, welded-wire mesh, safety glass or monolithic polycarbonate. The roof is available in standing seam metal in a variety of Kynar paint finish colors or translucent 20mm standing seam polycarbonate in opal, bronze or clear with aluminum trim. The shelter’s frame is available in Tnemec finish or clear, black or dark bronze anodized finish. It features optional electronic-entry compatible door and internal recessed puck style LED lighting systems.  The Cambridge shelter is designed to accommodate dual height racks to best maximize bicycle parking density.

Complimentary Space Planning: Space is at a premium. As demand for bike parking grows, it’s vital to plan expertly and efficiently. We consider your requirements and apply our knowledge to develop parking layouts, determine capacities and suggest products that make sense. Our recommendations are based on APBP guidelines and best practices around the world.

Achieve 360° is a proprietary, full-circle design and fabrication resource from Duo-Gard. We take a holistic approach to ensure that each client receives the highest level of service to create their vision. This approach showcases our unmatched ingenuity and flexibility. Think of Achieve 360° as a pathway to a real-time performance meter and project compass to meet your project goals.


  • Designed with aluminum framing with internal steel support columns
  • PE stamped drawing availability in the United States and Canadian provinces
  • Enclosed, lockable shelter with electronic entry capability
  • Electrical pre-wiring and recessed low-voltage puck lighting options
  • Solar security lighting options


  • Translucent polycarbonate structured sheet in clear, opal, or bronze.
  • Standing seam metal roof pans with a Kynar paint finish.
  • External gutter and downspouts option for drainage.
  • Modern low single slope design with pedestrian overhang.
  • Exposed roof rafters for ease of retrofitting lighting and electrical equipment.


  • Clear, black, and dark bronze anodized finish
  • Tnemec 3-part paint finish with zinc primer undercoat
  • Option for electrical prep to be added to the design
  • Only mechanical connections to be used during installation


  • Tempered safety glass
  • Perforated Metal
  • Welded wire mesh with varying levels of security

Bike Parking Capacity

Cambridge Capacity

Custom lengths are available; contact our team to discuss