Streetcar Shelters by Duo-Gard Bring Past and Present together

Several metropolitan cities have looked to updated versions of yesterday’s streetcars to enhance today’s public transportation options One city chose Duo-Gard to engineer 20 passenger shelters that complement riders’ comfort, safety and convenience.

Ranging in size from 4.5’ x 8’ to 6’ x 8’, the steel-and-glass shelters use completely welded round and square steel tube framing with clear laminated glass walls and sloping roof. Stainless steel tension rods add to the aesthetic. Completely laser-cut, including the tubes, the shelters were welded in one piece. Duo-Gard used custom-gasketed, laser-cut hand-holes, back plates and covers with flush fasteners. Pull-wires run throughout the entire shelter, and all columns and beams are hollow and accessible to each other internally.

“The shelters are sophisticated, yet simply styled, with a clean, contemporary aesthetic,” says Bruce Irving, Project Engineer.

Irving says the company’s exceptional efforts to accommodate customization included building a mock-up/prototype: “The city’s project managers visited us to view that and were impressed.”

He adds that, although the customer did not request it, Duo-Gard made the baseplates of stainless steel to forestall rusting in a climate where salt seasons everything in the winter.

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