ArtPrize 2021

ArtPrize staff at the Gerald R Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids MI has approved the GLAF concept exhibit. This installation will showcase the mission of the Great Lakes Art Foundation: to promote creativity and ingenuity by living artists, through creating an Art Garden in the Metro Detroit area.

The GLAF installation will feature a boutique art garden, intended to conceptualize their future plans for Detroit. This installation will include a sculpture shelter gallery by utilizing a 40’ shipping container, with art on the outside as well as gallery space on the inside.

Additional sculptures will be placed near the sculpture shelter along with landscaping to create beauty throughout the space.  Custom seating and tables will be incorporated to make it comfortable for people to observe and participate in our workshops and potential music events.

The concept: to transform the shipping container into a luxurious custom motor coach that will encourage imagination and creativity. This will feature tractor tires, custom wheels, exhaust, 20’ stainless steel headers and a specially designed jet engine that doubles as a BBQ to maximize efficiency. Participants will be able to enjoy a meal and the stunning views of Grand River from our rooftop deck.

GLAF will improve the aesthetic of the container through contemporary sculptures that offer a whimsical display of color, shape and materials that will reflect a modern cottage concept. Polycarbonate will be included in this design to create a dynamic glow throughout the day.

GLAF prides itself in maintaining a conscious approach through recycling and upcycling materials. They can do so through generous donations from our sponsors and partners.

Duo-Gard plays a large role in contributing excess materials including polycarbonate, steel and aluminum.

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