The Intersection of Art and Architecture

OKC Convention Ctr Garage 91

The OKC Convention Center Garage features 90,000 Fusion panel tiles provided by Duo-Gard. Anthony McDermid at TAP Architecture was inspired by a coaster that Duo-Gard gave out at a presentation. This coaster was a smaller version of one of the 4”x4” colored tiles used in the project.

The design is the result of an art competition held by the city won by artist Martin Donlin. “From the architect’s perspective this project truly defines a collaborative effort between a city willing to raise the bar for a parking structure into public art, an artist selected for their creativity, a contractor able to execute the design and a manufacturer willing to work as a team member to deliver the perfectly crafted product.  It’s a testimony to all involved in this remarkable accomplishment” Anthony McDermid TAP Architecture.

This project is the perfect example of taking your vision and turning it into reality. We love to collaborate and work on these special projects that encompass art and architecture. Creativity and innovation have been at our core since 1984 and these types of projects fuel our passion for design. Let’s collaborate, Together by Design.

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