What to Consider in your Canopy Design

When it comes to canopy design Duo-Gard has you covered (get it?). Our team of experts are here to assist from design to installation to ensure the best results for your vision. That being said, each project has its own unique circumstances we must adhere to. Here are some things that should be considered at the beginning of each new opportunity.

Who will be using this canopy and what are the owner’s expectations?

What materials will achieve your desired aesthetic?

When does the canopy need to be installed?

Where is the canopy located and how does this location’s specific requirements effect the project?

Why does this location require a canopy?

How does the canopy’s use impact the shape and size?


A canopy provides a ‘welcome’ to any building, what statement are you trying to make? Duo-Gard gives you the opportunity to create something simultaneously impactful and utilitarian. Our team of experts can help you obtain your desired look through our countless materials, finishes and color palettes. Providing you with the ability to control light diffusion and customization. Our materials have outstanding durability and require little to no maintenance. Things to consider:

  • Drainage and water control
  • Slope
  • Weather conditions
  • Warranty
  • Project size
  • Enclosed walls or open design
  • Amount of light desired below the canopy
  • Accessories (lighting, benches, USB chargers etc.)


Our team of expert engineers and AISC certified fabricators provide the highest standards of quality in the industry. We work with both steel and aluminum to ensure the proper choice for your given project. PE calculations and stamps are available. Things to consider:

  • The purpose of the structure
  • How the canopy will be supported
  • The placement of columns
  • Will the structure be wrapped in another material?

Use Duo-Gard as a resource. Contact our team to provide you with a turn-key solution – if you dream it, we can build it. Our top priority is your satisfaction; from design to installation Duo-Gard provides a full-circle service. We invite you to see the difference Duo-Gard can make in your next project.

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