Duo-Gard Canopy Encourages Collaboration at Kansas Complex

Too bad Dorothy was so eager to leave Kansas. She should have simply moved to Overland Park.

While it’s not the Emerald City, the 189,000 residents here can boast of living in one of the healthiest, happiest and least-stressed areas of America, according to 2017 accolades from Niche, Wallethub, Smartasset and others.

Overland Park claims to be “Above and Beyond. By Design.” Contributing to that claim is Hoefer Wysocki Architecture’s design of the recently renovated Overland Park Xchange, formerly the 

International Trade Center, which was purchased by Occidental Management, Inc. in 2014. Since then, Occidental has worked with Hoefer Wysocki on updates to this 733,400-sq.-ft. multi-tenant office complex, including a new glass-and-metal skin for the structure, abundant daylighting, walking paths and a courtyard capped with a translucent canopy engineered by Duo-Gard.

“The canopy is located in the east courtyard and is intended to encourage a collaborative workspace,” says Cristine Henderson, AIA, project manager for the design team located in Leawood KS. “We wanted to provide a covered space for tenants to conduct work meetings and enjoy lunch, as well as other activities. We knew we wanted a canopy, and this one fit our budget.

The canopy, from Duo-Gard’s award-winning Sleekline Systems, measures 30’6” x 26’ and features ¼” panels of white monolithic polycarbonate sheet, framed in clear anodized aluminum. The choice of this translucent glazing material was the design team’s solution to the owner’s desire for “openness that complemented the glass in the building’s renovation,” according to Henderson. She adds that the diffused light the canopy provides contributes to a warm, contemporary aesthetic.

Supporting the canopy are steel columns with a cast stone surround finish that starts out 3’ wide at the base and tapers to meet the canopy beam structure. The finish relates to the same cast stone finish for the monument signs on site, and the angle relates to the angled metal panel entries for the tenants, producing a cohesive design intent, Henderson explains.

“Duo-Gard is proud to have one of our custom Sleekline canopy systems as part of this high-profile renovation’s unique design,” says rep Todd Burton. 

“Everyone’s had a positive reaction. The canopy turned out great,” Henderson says. OPx, as it’s known locally, plans to add outdoor seating soon.

Photo courtesy of Hoefer Wysocki Architecture.

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