Duo-Gard’s Translucent Clerestory System Lights Up for Pickleball Players

What would you get if you combined the best of tennis, badminton and ping-pong? It’s been done. It’s called pickleball. It’s one of the fastest-growing sports you may never have heard of, despite its being around since 1965.

The sport’s cross-country popularity, which appeals to all ages and skill levels, is exemplified by a growing chain of combination restaurants and pickleball courts called Chicken N Pickle. The latest of these was opened this Spring in San Antonio TX. More are in progress.

Designed by Yaeger Architecture in Lenexa KS, the San Antonio location includes six indoor and five outdoor courts, a full-service restaurant and rooftop bar. It features enhanced daylighting with a translucent clerestory system engineered by Duo-Gard. The 3’4” high system runs 575 lineal feet around the restaurant area and the playing courts, providing diffused natural light.

“The translucent clerestory glazing for the indoor pickleball court building is a critical element to providing a game space that is flooded with even, natural light,” says Yaeger vice president Patrick Lenahan, LEED AP.

Duo-Gard’s Series 3500 System used in this Chicken N Pickle project integrates 40mm tongue-and-groove multiwall polycarbonate glazing in an opal tint. The aluminum framing is clear anodized.

Architect Lenahan says translucent polycarbonate was selected for several reasons, including aesthetics, economy and energy efficiency. Duo-Gard’s system has U-0.28, SHGC-0.25 and 30% visible light transmission. This application also features a co-extruded IR filter to enhance energy efficiency. We adapted the changes made to the 2018 international energy code requirements, which include creativity, design and new technologies. Duo-Gard is proud to play a leadership role in meeting the growing demand for energy efficiency.

“Polycarbonate panels offered a more cost-effective solution than the Owner’s original preference for translucent fiberglass panels,” says Lenahan, “and upon installation, the Owner actually preferred the aesthetic appearance of the polycarbonate product. It has better luminosity and clarity of light transmission, as well as a more pleasing sheen than translucent fiberglass. Translucent multiwall polycarbonate panels have been a successful component of Chicken N Pickle’s indoor court buildings.”

Duo-Gard is currently contributing to other Chicken N Pickles. “We’re proud to be involved with the newest Chicken N Pickle locations in Overland Park KS and Oklahoma City,” says Shawn Mahoney, architectural sales manager. “It’s a fun and exciting concept.”

General contractor for the project was ARCO/Murray, Downer’s Grove IL.

Photo credits: Interior – Yaeger Architecture / Exterior – ARCO/Murray

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