Multi-Color Glazing Panels Offer Multi-Faceted Design Advantages

Google “Importance of color in design” and you get millions of results. Millions. Among them is the fact that in 2016 experts designated Pantone 448C as the world’s ugliest color, and the Aussies used it in cigarette packaging to discourage smoking. Officially, the color is called opaque couche; the unofficial names for this greenish-brown don’t bear repeating.

Architects and designers know color connects…creates…emotes…reflects and influences the environment as no other element can. Today, many of them are realizing they can achieve multi-faceted results with their daylighting designs by integrating multi-color panels of translucent multi-wall polycarbonate glazing.

Pick any Pantone color for the exterior panel skin, and any other color for the interior surface. Duo-Gard now offers this design option in all its panels, thicknesses, gloss or matte finishes.

This advanced art and science in the multi-wall polycarbonate extrusion process controls what contents and compounds go into which wall. It also controls UV stabilization on one or both walls. And it controls the amount of UV reflection in the interior, especially important in environments around the water.

“This versatility enables designers to bring dynamic new dimensions to branding, school colors, matching facades and other virtually limitless possibilities,” says David Miller, president. “Once we understand the designer’s goals, we’ll collaborate to help achieve unprecedented results.”

For example, he points out, that regardless of the exterior color, the interior – often in white – can “wash out” those effects to create an internal ambience with the desired balance.

He says results can include increased productivity and privacy as well as occupant comfort and well-being by creating a positive environment in today’s buildings where these qualities are emphasized.

Please note that minimum quantities do apply and depend on the panel selected. Duo-Gard also has an avenue available for small-batch projects. But please…we’d appreciate it if you don’t ask for PMS 448C.

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