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Series 3900 Sleekline is a monolithic translucent canopy system made from polycarbonate panels. The product is offered in various colors, textures 

and transparencies. The design provides building canopies for both exterior and interior applications. The design is just as the name implies. This sleek canopy is the ideal complement to the building design. The system provides many design features not present in canopies made of glass or other typical material.
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  • Great low cost substitute for glass
  • No panel breaks down the slope
  • Good for rectangular and fan type configuration
  • Good for cornering
  • Low slope applications
  • Cantilevers


  • Long panel lengths that are continuous from end to end without mullions.
  • Free flow panel ends that do not require channels that block water flow.
  • Canopies provided with all structure where appropriate.
  • Lighting packages available.
  • Canopies can be almost flat without water pooling.
  • Colors, colors, colors – Need we say more?
  • Available in three panel thicknesses to provide greater design freedom.
  • Textures and transparency choices create the ambiance and lighting desired.

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