Apartments Add the Amenities of Duo-Gard Bike Shelters

Amenities abound at Harbor House and Woodland Mews apartments in Ann Arbor MI. Along with the usual pool and clubhouse to volleyball and tennis courts to dog parks and walking trails, the complexes recently added a first for residents: each now has a covered bike shelter by Duo-Gard. Located near the center of Ann Arbor,…

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Glazing Contractors Connect with Duo-Gard’s Prostock Program

Prostock Division of Duo-Gard Industries

When Duo-Gard introduced the Prostock program in late 2013, glazing contractors weren’t sure what to expect. After all, they’d never had a translucent glazing concept designed around their specific needs. They had to go it alone or pay the price for expensive, fully engineered systems. Prostock changed that by offering stock-length, translucent polycarbonate systems that…

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