Duo-Gard Provides One-Stop Shelter Shopping for Colleges and Universities

“College and university campuses are unique environments for their high density, stimulating atmosphere and defined boundaries. These factors make them ideal environments to incorporate bikes.” League of American Bicyclists website How does Duo-Gard continue to be such a strong, innovative leader in serving these unique educational environments? Sean McKnight, Duo-Gard’s bike infrastructure coordinator, provides some…

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Duo-Gard’s University Bike Parking Solution

 Duo-Gard is the pioneer in the development of bicycle shelters that protect bikes from weather, theft, and vandalism. We offer several bike shelter models and accessories in varying levels of security to fit individual project needs. Click video below to view our campus bike parking solutions.

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Bike Repair Stations So Popular Duo-Gard Expands Line

DuoGard Bike Repair Station in use

You’ve provided the best accommodation for your biking community. Enclosed bike shelters, interior or exterior. Upgraded security, lighting, lockers and more. Accessible locations. What more could your bikers want? They want the best in maintenance equipment to keep their machines – plain or fancy – in top wheeling condition. That means Bike Repair Stations from…

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